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Pilar Peterson

Twin Hills Charter Middle School8

Sebastopol, CA | Sonoma County


June 9, 2014

Unfortunately we made a three year mistake by enrolling in Twin Hills Middle school. While the school has a rigorous curriculum it was unrealistic and extremely unreasonable. This fast-paced curriculum was very rough on the whole family. Expect barbaric amounts of homework from all subjects on all weekends, and holidays. Much of this homework was merely busy work that looked to be unnecessary, and made it next to impossible to enroll in enriching after school and weekend activities. There are only a few teachers at TH who actually like their jobs and love the subjects they teach. Many teachers verbally bully the kids with ridicule and condescending comments in the classroom. There is limited to no access to teachers for help in their subjects during and after school. However, I do have to mention that Ms. Fitch is one of the few teachers at TH that teaches the kids to love learning through her love of teaching. She deserves a county wide Best Teacher Award!!! There are many student bullies on campus as well as in the classroom and TH is extremely cliquey. Sadly, I feel TH had turned my kids from enthusiastic learners, to frustrated, overwhelmed and unsupported students.

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May 18, 2013

Twin Hills Middle School is much better than Hillcrest Middle School, where my daughter was originally scheduled to go. Her best friend made the move with her, and they both love it! She can't stop talking about Mr. Lynch and Mr. Greenwald.

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February 23, 2013

I drive 30 minutes each way every day for my child to attend this school rather than the schools in our hometown. My daughter loves this school and is academically challenged and treated with great respect by her teachers. I do wish the drama department and the art department were stronger here. It is a small middle school and cannot offer all the electives a larger school might be able to but students are not anonymous here and enjoy positive relationships with the staff and teachers.

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March 24, 2010

Twin Hills is a wonderful school. It's academically challenging, but at the same time provides students with all the support they need to succeed. And they make it lots of fun. Cathy Bosch, the Principal, is really dialed into middle school students.

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January 27, 2010

This is a GREAT school. I am learning so much than I did before. Go Panthers!!!!

Submitted by a student

July 9, 2009

i love my school!! it's challengeing but at the same time fun .. it is a perfect choice for any student ready for a challenge!:)

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April 17, 2008

I came to this school as a 7th grader and didn't know anyone. The students there made me feel right at home. I made new friends that I still have on the first day. The teachers are great and make themselves available to help when I need it. The principal Ms. Bosch is really fair and funny too. Science is my favorite subject and our teacher really makes it exciting. I wish I had been at Twin Hills in 6th grade.

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March 30, 2008

Twin Hills is a great school. It is also a very academic school. But work isn t the only thing at Twin Hills we do all kinds of fun activities and sports, spirit days and clubs. Assemblies and reward trips, and dances. Fun elective classes and great teachers. Over all Twin Hills is a fabulous school.

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February 15, 2008

I love this school! My kid loves it and put your child there! They have a great system!

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June 2, 2007

I enrolled my child at Twin Hills after a negative experience at another school, and I am so glad I did. My child has been so much happier since the switch, her gades have improved and her teachers have been very communicative whenever any issues have arisen. Even though Twin Hills is not in our school district, it is worth it for me to make the drive every day.

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May 24, 2007

We have had an absolutely terrible experience at this school. Compared to the other schools in the Sebastopol area, Twin Hills is sorely lacking in electives and academic programming. For example, there is only one level of study, whereas at other local schools there are 3 levels of math. Our child has not been happy here at all. There are very few electives offered-- certainly not woodshop or robotics like at other local schools. We have found that the academic standards here have hurt our child's academic career. In addition, it can literally take weeks for any administrator to return phone calls or emails regarding any parent concern, and the school website that shows homework etc. is often down. The way children are disciplined at this school is ridiculous. I would not recommend sending any child here if there are other options.

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January 12, 2006

Our experience with this school so far is very positive. The teachers and principal are, in general, committed and enthusiastic and the academic standards are high. The rules can be strict but if a child can stay within the guidelines he shouldn't have problems.

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January 11, 2006

The teachers at Twin Hills consistenly offer excellent instruction and are always available to help students. The art department is seriously lacking, but the sports teams are well-organizend and successful. The music program is also outstanding and award-winning. Parent involvement is encouraged but gets progressively smaller each year. As a former student, I encourage parents to seriously consider this school. However, I will warn prospective female students that social interaction can be unusually clique-y. It's still worth the excellent edcation. Best teachers: Mr Bellinger, Ms Fitch, Ms Brogan, Ms Zago, and Mr Rodgers.

Submitted by a former student

June 16, 2005

I would like to express that as a parent of a child who needed plenty of help with behavior as well as academics as a 6th grader the adults really made the extra effort to help us overcome the issues and I am proud to say my child will be in high school next year, on time and much better able to deal with what comes next.

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January 31, 2005

Twin Hills is a terrific school - it is small enough that the principal knows everyone's name, it offers interesting and creative curriculum, and has a great range of extra-curricular options. The teachers really care about the students' progress - my son has thrived here.

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